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Serving you digitally so you can shop from home!
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NOVEMBER 4th 11am- 1pm   1855 W Henderson Rd. Columbus, OH

Join us for this special event to meet Nora and snap a pic as she signs and personalizes your pieces! In addition, you'll receive an exclusive, Limited Edition Teal Butterfly mini with each base piece that you purchase, while supplies last!

PRE-ORDER IS AVAILABLE!  Want to be assured of getting the pieces that you want? When you place your order on our website, choose pick-up and "Hold for Signing" as the pickup location.  When you come to the event, bring your order confirmation and we'll have your piece(s) ready for you to give to Nora to personalize.  You'll still be able to buy more to have personalized while you are in our store.

Can't attend but would like a signed piece and mini?   Place your order on our website, choose pick-up and "Hold for Signing."  Next, send an email to and explain that you cannot attend the event, but would like to receive the butterfly and have your piece signed.  We can ship your piece and Teal Butterfly mini right after the event.  Nora will sign and date the piece, but cannot personalize it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I pre-purchase my piece(s) before the event, to make sure I get the Teal Butterfly Mini(s)? YES, but per Nora Fleming, all pre-purchased pieces must be held at our location until the day of the event.

Can I bring pieces from home to have signed? NO.  Due to the time limits of the event, it's important that we dedicate our time with Nora to customers who have made new purchases.

Can I have a photo taken with Nora at the event? YES.  Nora loves to interact with her fans, so photos are fine, as long as they're taken promptly and don't hold up other customers waiting in line.

Can Nora personalize my piece(s) with my name or other information? YES, she will be happy to personalize pieces for customers who attend the event. Customers who cannot attend the event will have their pieces signed with a generic message.

Can I purchase any piece in the line for Nora to sign? YES, if it's a piece that Lair's currently sells.  There are some older pieces that we don't carry, and unfortunately, we cannot special order those pieces.

Lair's carries the piece I want, but it's not currently in stock at the store.  Can I order it for the event? YES, we'll be placing a pre-event order for all (non-retired) pieces we'll need and will include all those that have been pre-purchased by our customers before Oct. 1.

Will you have enough Teal Butterfly Mini's for everyone who wants one, both for pre-purchases and at the event? We hope so, but can't predict the demand for pieces.  We'll reserve a certain quantity of Teal Butterfly Mini's for customers who attend and purchase at the event.

Can I pre-purchase at a Lair's store? YES, at any of our 3 locations, but the purchase must be sent to our Henderson Road location and held there until the event.

Can any piece be signed? YES, Nora will be able to sign any Nora Fleming piece made from ceramic, melamine, wood or fabric.  Ceramic pieces may be heated to make the message permanent, but other finishes must be handled with care and can't go in the dishwasher, or the message will come off.

Can mini's be pre-purchased? YES.  Can they be signed? NO. Do mini purchases qualify for a Teal Butterfly Mini? NO.